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Friday, August 6, 2010

Conversations With The Dead: Austin, TX - April, 1975


Dear Teresa,

I got your letter & I sure was glad to hear from you. I know you're real excited about the baby comming [sic]. Little babies are so sweet & cuddley [sic]! I'm real happy for all of you.

I may just be here in Austin a couple of weeks more. I'm not sure yet, but I may move to Houston in a couple of weeks. But I'll let you know as soon as I know & I'll give you my address if I move.

I went to mass Easter & to confession. That's the first time I'd gone to confession in two years. It made me feel real good. Have you all heard from David? I just wonder how he's making it at Charlotte's? Poor kid. He doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere. But I pray for him (& you & Charlotte) every night & I know God will help him somehow. But maybe when I get back to work I can help. Right now it's just impossible.

Well honey, I guess this is all for right now. Be sweet & I'll let you know my address if I move. In the meantime, just remember that I love you very much.




Dear Sweet Teresa,

I just loved the drawing you sent me, & your sweet letter. I love you very much too. In fact, you're my pride & joy. You're a very sweet & good girl. And I'm sure He answers your prayers. (And He'll take care of you too, because I ask Him to every night).

Honey, I wish we could be closer too. I miss you very much. But I'm going to move to Houston this comming [sic] Saturday & go back to work so maybe I can get enough money together to come to Fort Worth some weekend soon. I sure hope so because I sure want to see you. I'd like to spend a whole weekend with you, but I'll have to get the money first. O.K.?

I'm really glad your daddy is building you a room. You'll enjoy it & your daddy is good at building things. Remember Davids room he built?

As soon as I get settled in Houston I'll write & give you my address. Don't write me at this address because I won't get it. Just wait until you get my next letter & I'll tell you my new address. O.K.? And after I go back to work I can call you sometimes too.

Well honey, I guess this is all for now. And I'm going to get a picture frame & frame your picture you drew for me & hand it up in my apartment!

I love you very, very much.


*David is living in a state hospital in Wichita Falls now where other male patients give him cigarettes in exchange for putting their privates in his mouth. David will announce this when we pick him up for a visit in the near future, as if it's normal, funny even. You'll tell him not to talk about these things in front of me. He'll still be smiling, his brain separating more from itself every day. And Mom, you won't be going to Houston just yet. You'll reconcile with your own mother first in Greenville, Texas. I'll see you there.

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