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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Conversations With the Dead: 4/24/79, Houston, TX

Dear Teresa,

Well, guess what we did this weekend? We moved to a much prettier apartment! It sure is nice, and has two swimming pools! The front door is two big sliding glass doors, and off the kitchen it has another sliding glass door that goes out onto the little patio (we're upstairs). It's so much nicer than the other one, but the main reason we moved is nothing but a bunch of thugs and thiefs [sic] were moving in over there. In fact, they stole Phil's plumbing tools out of the pickup, stole our friend Doc's car, etc. And it's going to take a lot of money to replace his tools. And being a plumber, he has to have them. And this apartment doesn't cost any more than that other one did. And the landlady here is a dog lover, so we had no trouble about having Charlie! I can't wait until this summer, so maybe you can come down for a few days. We'll have a ball.

I guess you heard that Charlotte is pregnant? I talked to her a week or so ago and ask [sic] her if I could borrow some money and she deceided [sic] I was drinking and said no. But I was using Doc's phone (the daddy of the "nut" that hurt Phil and died) and I couldn't really sit there in front of him and talk about all that to explain why we were short on money, so I told her you'd explain. But my checks are still not comming [sic], and of course Phil had to be off work so long, and all I wanted was a loan. But I guess any time I ask for money, people think I'm drinking. But it's okay, because I know I'm not. But there just wasn't any way I could really explain with Doc there listening. Anyway, we made it, and we're really happy at our new place. I want to give you the new address and also ask a favor of you. The landlady thinks Phil and I are married, so when you write, address it to Rogene Hust. That way I'll be sure and get it, because Hust is what's on the mailbox.

I'm so glad you enjoy working at the hospital and I understand, because I loved it when I was at the nurseing [sic] home. In fact, I even envy you a little. You're getting to experience a whole lot more than I did. But I'm glad for you, and proud of you that you like it. It takes a certain kind of talent to enjoy that kind of work. Not everyone has it.

Boy it sure was a job moving! (We lived upstairs over there, and this is upstairs too). We had to carry all that heavy furniture, etc. But we had to get it all done over the weekend because Phil had to go back to work Monday. But we're having a lot of fun fixing it up and all. And Charlie loves it.

Well honey, I guess this is all for now. I've still got a lot to do around here. And I hate to ask you to write to me as Hust, but I think you understand. There's really no way to call me here, but as soon as we possibly can, we're going to get a phone. And call the "fart" for me and give her my new address and tell her how to use Hust. (Not that she'll write, but you can tell her anyway!). And you can explain to her why I couldn't talk that day too. So I'll close for now and write me soon. We both love you.

Love Mother

Northwinds Apartments
1714 Wirt Road, Apt. 18
Houston, Texas 77055

All I have to say to this is: You're drinking again.

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  1. And I can add little to what you say, although I don't know how you know she is drinking again, unless it is her denial. I cannot say I 'like' these pieces, but read them in order to know more about you I suppose, but no doubt that is likely to be impossible - you have so many and such a kaleidoscope of facets which you endlessly combine for our entertainment on 6S
    Thank you T.