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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bringing In 2010

My back hurts, my two youngest children are vomiting, I'm babysitting an 80 year-old, and my refrigerator is empty. I do have wine, though, and if I don't show symptoms of my children's stomach virus by midnight, I plan to drink some or a lot. It's New Year's Eve, after all, and an occasion for celebrating beginnings.

When I was 10, I decided to look for patterns in the good vs. bad years of my life, to determine whether there was any connection between the odd and even years and general outcome. I decided that my even years were my worst, and that the best things occurred in the odd years. I don't know that this was really true. I was 10. It was actually a ridiculous conclusion, but an admirable attempt at understanding and predicting life.

Astrology is another way to predict things. I don't really follow the daily predictions, but the sun and moon signs have been very helpful to me in determining personalities, compatibility, and probable behavior.

I'm a Scorpio sun with a Leo moon. Water sun and fire moon. My first child was a Scorpio/Sagittarius (water/fire). The second, a Leo/Aquarius (fire/air). My third child, almost twenty years later, is a Cancer/Scorpio (water/water), and my fourth, an Aries/Leo (fire/fire).

What does all this mean? Nothing. I just enjoy looking for patterns. And if I had one hundred thousand children there might be some appreciable patterns to consider, some insight we could all gain regarding human evolution and development (if there is any validity to astrology, which is debatable, for some, maybe even many). Or then again, even if astrology holds up, we might discover rather than an ordered pattern, a disappointing random conclusion. That's okay. Conclusions are good. But what if a pattern emerged in the second hundred thousand? So much to consider.

I have come to some of my own conclusions regarding my children's astrological signs, birth order, the effect of having my last two children so long after my first pair, the matching 21-month gap between both the first and last pair, the girl/boy/girl/boy pattern.

But it's New Year's Eve and I'd rather focus on the fact that we're entering an even-numbered year. I'm a little concerned about that. Did I mention that my refrigerator is empty? What do you think that means? Could be another pattern emerging.

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  1. My refrigerator is empty too, so don't tell me that cause I can't handle a worse year than 2009 was. Excellent conclusions tho, made for a great read. Happy New Year.