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Friday, December 18, 2009

What Is Wabi Sabi?

The simplest way to remember what Wabi Sabi means is to break it down into three parts:
1. Nothing is perfect 2. Nothing lasts 3. Nothing is finished.

It's a beautiful way to frame the world, to see it as ephemeral and imperfect. We rush too much, we expect too much, we berate ourselves with every breath. That was never the way we were meant to live. Life is a gift. Every day when we wake up breathing still, it's as if someone has placed in our laps a lovely box wrapped with shiny paper and iridescent ribbons.

This blog is about keeping perspective, looking inside the box each day. It's a place to be human and fall down, and a place to figure out how to fall down less often. But we won't be looking for perfection here, because it doesn't exist.

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