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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Conversations With the Dead: 1982 Letter from Charlotte to Nanny

Dear Nanny & Wendy,

Here's school pictures of the kids. Thought you might like to have them. They really did a lousy job on L's. Not centered.

Got a letter from Teresa today, says everything is fine. Coming down for Christmas. Mother's mad because I want her a week and because Teresa wants to come down for a week including Christmas Eve. She says we're ganging up on her. She's so paranoid. Why can't we have normal parents like most kids?! Just the thought of her makes me mad.

Guess I'll go for now.

Love you,
Charlotte & Gang


I can't remember if I spent Christmas in Fort Worth with Charlotte or not. I probably did. Sadly it was our mother's last Christmas. Maybe she knew this somehow.

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