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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Conversations With the Dead: 6/5/80 Seabrook, Texas

Dear Teresa,

Got your letter and I'm real glad Charlene said Yes to the dates. I'm real excited about it too. Just three more days until I can move in. I have all my furniture except for a dining room set and a living room chair, but I can get them next. And there will be a lot of little things you can help me pick out after you get here. So hang in there. It's just three weeks until you can come.

I hate to hear that about Granny. But honey, don't feel too bad towards your dad. The truth is, at this point, he's doing good to even take care of himself much less anyone else.

You remember me telling you about a guy I've dated named Red? (That's 'cause he's redheaded!). Well, he's got an eighteen year old son that's come to live with him for a while from Miami. His name is Scotty and he's redheaded too! He's not a bad looking kid, but his hair's too durn long. Red's about as ugly on the outside as anyone can get, but he sure is a nice, sensitive guy. And he loves animals. His folks used to raise dogs and he said he was so used to always sleeping with a dog that when he went into the service and they started issuing him his uniforms and all, he kept waiting for them to issue him his dog! he's a real cut-up. You'll like him.

I've been sick for over a week now with a real bad cold. I sure have felt bad. But I haven't missed any work. Can't afford to! I really do like my job, too, and my boss. You'll like her. Her name's Elizabeth. I can hardly wait till you get here. We'll go down to Galveston and go through the Bishop's Palace and to the beach and to Astroworld. And we can go through Johnson Space Center. We'll find plenty to do.

Well, guess this is all for now. Be sweet and let me hear.

I love you gobs!



Lots of exclamation points in this letter. This is the last one from Sally and Dan's house. There will only be two letters sent from the new apartment preceding my visit.

Then there will be one more letter to me after that. It will be mailed from Red's address which will be your last.

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