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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Conversations With the Dead: 5/17/80 Seabrook, Texas

Dear Teresa,

Don't know what I'm going to do with you, Bug, if you don't start writing me. It's been two weeks since I wrote you last and I haven't heard a word. How come?

I've been busy since I got back, trying to get some furniture bought. I got a black and white TV, a stereo, two end tables, a coffee table and a bedroom suite. Not bad, huh? All I need now is a dinette set, a couch and chair.

Of course I'll need odds and ends like lamps and stuff, but I should have all of it by the time you get here. And it'll all be paid for and mine, that's the good part. No payments every month. I got some real bargains, too. What I don't have when you get here you can help me pick out. That'll be fun. I've got three more weeks before I get to move in. I can hardly wait. Sally's kids are about to drive me nuts! They're so spoiled. Just brats, period. But it won't be long now. That's about the time you get out of school, isn't it?

Well, guess that's really all my news for now. Just working and going to meetings and getting things ready to move. Please write soon and let me know how you are, okay?



It doesn't feel like you need me as a daughter as much as a friend. Now the tables are turned and you are the one hurting to be closer. There's no man in your life to distract you.

In a few years you will list questions in a spiral notebook regarding how you've lived your life, what your dreams are, who and what are most important. One of the questions will be: Who do I love most?

The answer won't be me. The answer won't be any of your children.

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