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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Conversations With the Dead: 5/27/80 Seabrook, Texas

Dear Teresa,

Got your letter and I figured you were busy finishing up at school. Won't be but a few days till you'll be through.

I've got all my furniture (it's all paid for too!) except for dining room chairs and a living room chair but I'll have those by the time you come down. But I need a part for my record player and I may not have it yet when you get here, so go ahead and bring your stereo. And your records. I don't have any yet. But if you ever run across a record called "Green Onions" by Floyd Cramer, or an album with it on it, grab it! I'll pay you back. I've been trying to find it forever.

Got twelve more days before I can move into the apartment. I know a guy named Red that's going to help me move. You'll probably meet him while you're here. He's ugly as a mud fence, but just as nice as he can be. Kind of nice like Phil. But we're just good friends. I don't want any "he" for a long time. But he takes me out to eat oysters and to meetings.

Have you ever been to Astroworld? I want us to go while you're here. And to the beach in Galveston. I can hardly wait.

Well, guess that's all for now. I'm going to spend this Friday night at Toni's and babysit the girls for Micki (she's manager like I was) so she can go to her daughter's graduation in Arizona. So write me when you can and maybe while you're here you and I can have a picture made at Olan Mills. Love you a bunch.



Well here we go again. Red. Another AA guy. The fact that you mention him at all in this letter then elaborate is bad. Bad.

You may not realize it yet, but Red is not nice like Phil. He's a completely different animal. And though you call him your friend he will, in the end, be your worst enemy. He will be your ending.

And that question you asked about who you love most? The answer was Red. The man who will soon marry you "out of pity". Then leave you in the dust.

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