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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Conversations With the Dead: 5/8/80 Seabrook, Texas

Dear Teresa,

Well, made it safe and sound with no car trouble. Went back and got my car, got a motel room and left the next morning. Real proud of the "ole gray goose".

Paid down on my apartment Monday and I can move in June 7th. It's the one three blocks from my job. I think I'm going to be able to have all my furniture bought and paid for by the time I move in. And I'll have three or four more weeks to get it all ready before you get here. It sure will be nice. I can hardly wait to move it.

Took a picture of Charles tonight to send you. I thought I'd sent you one. His hair still will grow more, about two or three more inches. And it'll grow down over his eyes.

My boss is real nice. She gave me a vacuum cleaner today. And when I get my furniture, her daughter's boyfriend is going to move it for me.

Well, guess that's all my news. I bought some pyrex cookware today. Trying to slowly get all I'll need for the apartment together. Write me when you can and be sweet.



I don't know where you traveled to in the Ole Gray Goose, maybe to see me? I remember that car well.

I am happy to read of your excitement about the new apartment, but I feel sad that Salvation Army is your version of "nice". After Dad, you would never own a new car or house. Your clothes would usually come from garage sales, discount stores or resale shops like Baubles & Beads and Nearly New. I guess it doesn't matter as long as you were happy, but it makes me wonder if you set the bar way too low in every area of your life. What did you believe you deserved? Not nearly enough.

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