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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Conversations With the Dead: 4/11/80 Seabrook, Texas

Dear Teresa,

Just had to drop you a quick line to tell you the news. I got a new job and it's a whole lot better! It's at Pilgrim cleaners and I work in the front, tagging the clothes brought in, getting clothes for people, etc. It pays $3.50/hr and it's not hard work at all. I get off at 6:00 PM and Elizabeth (the boss) said that while you're here in July you can come to work with my anytime you want to. I work half a day on Saturday, but while you're here I won't have to.

We have a TV and radio there for when it's slow, so you wouldn't just be staring at the walls, and it'd just be you and me there except from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, when she'd be there. Summer months are kind of slow for cleaners, so it'll be a good time to learn my job. I'm real tickled about it.

And Elizabeth is real nice. I had talked to her a few weeks ago about it and she didn't need anyone right then, but said she'd call if she did. And I'm glad, because it was getting slow where I worked and I wasn't making as much in tips. So it worked out just perfect. Just about the time I was going to quit that other job, she called and wanted me to go to work. So you won't have to be by yourself at night.

Well honey, that's all really. Just wanted you to know the good news. Let me hear and be sweet.



I still remember the smell of dry cleaning solvent.

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